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Rain Stops and Summer Finally Arrives on Lake Erie! Week of July 26th Fishing Report

Fishing has been pretty incredible the last couple of weeks.  The stable weather has really put the walleye in a feeding mood.  Walleyes are being caught from west of Pelee Island, south to Gull Island shoal, and East of Kelly's Island in the western basin.  While the fish are running on average a little smaller than central basin fish, there are still plenty of big fish around to round out your catch.  We have been fishing a little further east...areas include the huron dump,  Ruggles beach, out to the weather buoy, and around the sandbar.  We have been focusing on bigger fish moving around the sandbar.  Our best setup has been using Erie ArrowHead spinner rigs with 3 oz. inlines 70-80 ft. back targeting fish in the 35 to 40 ft. zone.  www.Badmolures.com

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