Welcome to BADMO LURES! "It's a Fish Thing...."
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Our fish story

"IT'S A FISH THING!"........We are a small family owned fishing tackle company based out of Gahanna, Ohio.  We specialize in making unique fishing spoons and spinner blades used to catch walleye, salmon, bass, trout, and anything else that swims! Throughout the year, you will find us chasing walleye, smallmouth, and steelhead around in our home waters of Lake Erie.  Our ERIE ARROWHEAD spoons and spinner blades are named in honor of this great lake! In fact, the lures were designed, tested, and perfected on Lake Erie!  Today, the lures have proven to be fish catchers not only on the great lakes but all across the United States and Canada. So next time you go fishing grab yourself some BADMO LURES and "GET BIT."  We hope you enjoy fishing them as much as we enjoyed making them!  Fish on! BADMO LURES!