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Erie Arrowhead Spoons are Not Just for Trolling

Using larger size trolling spoons for ice fishing isn't a brand new technique for catching fish. However, it is not a technique that is widely popular with a lot of fisherman. Fishing magazines and television shows on the cutting edge have dedicated several articles and episodes to teaching this technique to the masses. Recent 2017 ice fishing reports from numerous fisheries in the north country, including the famed Lake Winnipeg, have shared with us that they are having tremendous success catching large walleye while "jigging" BADMO LURES'  Erie Arrowhead trolling spoons through the ice. 3 years ago when we had good ice on Lake Erie, anglers were filling quick limits by "jigging" our Erie Arrowhead trolling spoons tipped with emerald shiners. "Jigging" these trolling spoons is not only a technique that works through the ice. When the fish load up in the spring on reef complex of the western basin of Lake Erie, we will put away the trolling rods, and vertically jig or cast Erie Arrowhead spoons on top of the reefs. It's not uncommon to go through 50-100 fish a day with this technique.  Erie Arrowhead spoons weigh in at 3/8 oz, which is a perfect weight for working the high spots on a lot of these shallow reefs.  We will "rip" these spoons pretty aggressively to trigger strikes. The frantic "kick out" motion of the spoons as it ascends, and the fluttering motion back down is a sure trigger fish can't resist.  So as we like to say, this winter and spring don't be scared to "fish different" and try these larger trolling spoons to put a few more fish on the ice or in the livewell.     www.Badmolures.com      #Erie_Arrowhead_spoon

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