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March 11th, 2016 Open Water Season Underway on Lake Erie

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing


The open water season has officially begun on Lake Erie.  A fairly consistent week of calm winds and warm temperatures (exceptionally warm for early March) has put the big walleyes on the feed.  Walleyes are congregating at their usual spots which include around the reef complex, bass islands area, and in the rivers.  Both trollers and jig fisherman are taking fish.  Trollers are doing well around the cans surrounding the reef complex, with F can being particularly good this week.  Custom husky jerks, bandits, and P10's are all working trolled up in the top 20 feet of the water column.  Jig fisherman are catching on top of the reefs with both hair jigs and spoons. It's time to quit wishin' and go fishin'.  It's a great time of year to catch a real trophy!  Fish On Peeps! www.Badmolures.com #Erie_ArrowHead

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