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Product Showcase - BADMO LURES' Erie ArrowHead Spinner Blade

#bass #crawler harnesses #custom spinner blades #fishing #musky #spinnerbaits #walleye #lake_erie BADMO LURES ERIE ARROWHEAD SPINNER BLADES Lake Erie Walleye Fishing


BADMO LURES' Erie ArrowHead spinner blade has a unique one-of-kind spinner blade shape. The shape of the blade has the length, width, profile, and "thump" of a larger size #8 Indiana or Colorado blade, but unlike these larger more common blade sizes, they can be trolled or reeled much "faster" without having the blade "spin out" thus causing it to stop spinning or creating severe line twist. The blade was created to fill a niche with Lake Erie charter captains and walleye fishermen who wanted all the attributes of fishing a larger blade size, but be able to fish them at much faster speeds, and still have the blade retain its spin or rotation. Thus the Erie ArrowHead spinner blade shape was born. Another unique characteristic of the blade due to its design, is the fact that the blade is somewhat "flexible," meaning the blade can be bent or manipulated to change the blades rotation speed, angle, and vibration pattern (thump).  By applying some hand pressure and bending the sides down some, the cup of the blade will increase thus causing the blade to rotate faster, and at a tighter angle around the line or lure.  Conversely, by bending the sides of the blade up or "stepping on it", the blade will "flatten" out thus causing the blade to rotate at a slower speed and a wider angle.  A third variation fisherman use with the blade is to take the legs of the blade and bend one leg forward and one leg backwards.   This gives the Erie ArrowHead blade a 3D "propeller blade" look and profile in the water for another added dimension to spinner fishing.  With the blades unique shape this makes the sizing of the blade somewhat different.  BADMO LURES' Erie ArrowHead blade currently comes in one size (#8-Large).  But again its not your typical size #8.  Below is a snapshot comparing the size of the Erie ArrowHead spinner blade with some Indiana and Colorado blades to get a better handle on the blade's size. BADMO LURES' blades and spoons also come stamped with a unique "ripple" pattern rather than the typical "hammered" or  "hex" pattern thus creating a remarkable amount of  "flash" being emitted. Just another attribute to truly make this blade a one-of-a-kind.  Because of the blades success, production is underway to offer a smaller size version of the Erie ArrowHead blade. All of BADMO LURES' blades and spoons are stamped in the USA from high quality brass and are plated with genuine gold, silver, foil, and copper finishes. Both blades and spoons come in over 40 different, unique, and custom painted colors and designs.  BADMO LURES' products are found in bait and tackle stores all around the country. They are also available for purchase on the company's website at www.Badmolures.com.


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