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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report for Week of May 7, 2016

#crawler harnesses #custom spinner blades #fishing #walleye #lake_erie BADMO LURES ERIE ARROWHEAD SPINNER BLADES Lake Erie Walleye Lake Erie Walleye Fishing


Despite the consistent cool northern wind pattern the past couple of weeks across Lake Erie, the walleye trolling bite has remained fairly consistent. Even though the bite has not been fast and furious overall, the larger average size of fish helps to make up for the sometimes long wait between bites. A wind shift to a warmer and consistent southern pattern would drastically help to improve the bite.  The key for us has been to focus on trolling for "structure - oriented" walleye instead of trying to chase down "basin" fish. Areas with harder...

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Product Showcase - BADMO LURES' Erie ArrowHead Spinner Blade

#bass #crawler harnesses #custom spinner blades #fishing #musky #spinnerbaits #walleye #lake_erie BADMO LURES ERIE ARROWHEAD SPINNER BLADES Lake Erie Walleye Fishing


BADMO LURES' Erie ArrowHead spinner blade has a unique one-of-kind spinner blade shape. The shape of the blade has the length, width, profile, and "thump" of a larger size #8 Indiana or Colorado blade, but unlike these larger more common blade sizes, they can be trolled or reeled much "faster" without having the blade "spin out" thus causing it to stop spinning or creating severe line twist. The blade was created to fill a niche with Lake Erie charter captains and walleye fishermen...

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Lake Erie Fishing Report Week of May 11th ---Walleye Bite is picking up!

#fishing #walleye #lake_erie BADMO LURES ERIE ARROWHEAD SPINNER BLADES ERIE ARROWHEAD SPOONS Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

The walleye bite is really starting to go strong! Fish are being caught all over the lake. Some of the better locations include D-E-F can areas along the reefs, west & south of Green Is., Mouse Is. to Starve Is. area, and the northwest and northeast corner of Kelly's Island.  Also, a lot of big fish are being taking on Kelly's shoal and further east along the Vermillion - Lorain shoreline in 30-35 ft of water. Casters are flippin worm harnesses, and trollers are using mostly worm harnesses and spoons.  Although, some are still doing well on cranks (deep reef runners).  We...

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